Terms and Conditions for Membership
Terms and Conditions and Declaration for Love Express Membership

Terms & Conditions
1. Love Express membership is open only to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents and Work Permit Holders who are single, and at least 20 years of age.
2. Please note that you are not eligible for membership if you are separated from your spouse or if your divorce/annulment papers are not available at the time of application.
3. All photographs and documents sent to us will be kept for dating service purposes and hence non-returnable.
4. All information given will be treated as strictly private and confidential. Information gathered will be used strictly for event, matchmaking, date coaching or any other dating services which can be offered by Love Express or a third party company appointed by Love Express.
5. You are required to pay a membership fee when you join LOVE EXPRESS. LOVE EXPRESS reserves the right to change the membership fee anytime and without prior notice.
6. LOVE EXPRESS reserves the right not to accept your application.
7. You must not post or otherwise communicate any message, comment, statement or material which is offensive, objectionable, disparaging, defamatory or illegal.
8. Your application will be approved only upon clearance of your payment by the bank and upon verification of the educational qualifications and others if applicable, eg. Divorced, Annulled & Widower, and any other screening processes that LOVE EXPRESS deems fit to maintain its integrity.
9. LOVE EXPRESS will issue you an LOVE EXPRESS Membership Card when your application has been approved. You are required to produce this card as identification when participating in activities organised by LOVE EXPRESS and/or its appropriately appointed partners.
10. LOVE EXPRESS reserves the right to terminate your membership if the situation warrants it, after giving a month's notice and reasons of termination. 
Declaration by Applicant
I declare that
1. I am not married and I am a Singaporean/or Singapore Permanent Resident or Work Permit Holder, at least 20 years of age.
2. When I get married, I will
a. provide LOVE EXPRESS written notice of my marriage with the necessary documentary proof.
b. cease to sign-up and participate in all LOVE EXPRESS Activities with effect from the date that I register for marriage
3. I will not misuse all information that I obtain about other members through my participation in LOVE EXPRESS Activities, and will continue to do so even if and when I am no longer an LOVE EXPRESS member.
4. I will not solicit information about other members or utilise any unsolicited information for any commercial and business purposes.
5. I will not hold LOVE EXPRESS liable should anything untoward happen to me while participating in any LOVE EXPRESS Activity.
6. I will not hold LOVE EXPRESS responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information that another person has provided to LOVE EXPRESS, as part of the process of my invitation /recommendations. I will ensure that all details provided by any other persons is true and valid for LOVE EXPRESS’s handling, usage and processing.
7. The information given in this application are true and correct and I understand that I am liable to be prosecuted for any false and incorrect information given by me, or any other person, whom by association with me, has had to provide LOVE EXPRESS with necessary personal information for the purpose of participation in LOVE EXPRESS Activities.
Schedule of Love Express Membership Fees
Payment By Cheque/Credit Card
Fee Per Annum Membership Term
$ 50 per year for NEW Member currently waived! 1 year
$ 30 per year for Renewal currently waived! 1 year
1. If you are paying by Cheque, full payment is required at the time of application. Please note that you would be required to key in your Cheque details when you submit your application. You should also provide your NRIC number, contact number and Purpose of Payment (LOVE EXPRESS membership Application/Renewal/Rejoin) on the reverse of your cheque. Your cheque should be made payable to 'LOVE EXPRESS SERVICES' and mailed to the current mailing address of LOVE EXPRESS.
2. Fees for subscription to events, courses and other services (social etiquette, personalised dating services) are separate.
3. Refund Policy
a. Notification of withdrawal from the membership in writing must be received within five working days after signing up. A request for refund can be sent to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg, subject to approval. Refund will be processed with deduction of $10 as processing fee plus any third party cost incurred.
b. Strictly no refund will be made for shorter notice.
c. There is no refund if you become married, engaged or attached after you become a member.
d. Membership is only confirmed when full payment is received. A CONFIRMATION E-MAIL will be sent to you.
e. The membership is also non-transferable.


I affirm that I have read and agree to Love Express privacy policy and terms of use.